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Eliminate the hassle!

Our E-tail technology platform provides your patients with scientific skincare recommendations from over 80 brands.

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We host your online store

We carry the inventory & ship the products

We track location and provider commissions

We provide customer service

Your patients receive scientific recommendations

You receive a monthly payout for completed orders

Our Story

Founded and led by Dermatologist Dr. Leslie Baumann MD, our passion for skin care science has led us to create tools for medical providers to become leaders at recommending proper skin care to their patients. 


Built on our proprietary Intelligent Skincare Recommendation technology, our patented scientific methodology ensures accurate skincare recommendations from over 40,000 unique regimen variations.

Our Vision

Our years of expertise are focused on improving global skin health by working with medical providers and skin care brands to promote the use of scientifically proven skin care, diet, lifestyle habits and oral supplements to maximize skin health.


Hosting your Online Store

Our technical team will manage and plug in our advanced ecommerce platform directly into your existing website, instantly turning it into a scientific skincare experience for your patients.


Medical-Grade Brands

Provide your patients access to the most advanced skincare brands the industry has to offer. Our portfolio is continuously expanding. Click here for a current list.

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Inventory & Fulfillment

Our expert warehouse team manages inventory, packing supplies and fulfills patient orders quickly and efficiently.

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Customer Service

Our knowledgeable customer support team is available to answer questions related to the product recommendations or general order questions. 


Intelligent Skincare Recommendation technology

The only ecommerce platform on the market with Intelligent Skincare Recommendation technology. Based on the Baumann Skin Types system, this patented methodology uses patient data from our scientifically validated Skin Type Questionnaire to identify the patient's skin type and recommend a full skincare regimen to address the patient's unique skin issues. This technology was developed nearly ten years ago and has been used in medical offices since 2014.


The Questionnaire

The patient completes the simple scientifically-validated questionnaire prior to or after their visit. The results will diagnose the patient 1 of 16 possible Baumann Skin Types. A number and 4 letter combination will be assigned (e.g. 3-DSPW)

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The Recommendation

Once assigned their Baumann Skin Type, the patient receives a 4-6 step morning and evening skincare regimen from the Intelligent Skincare Recommendation engine with usage instructions and educational content to care for their skin type.



The Purchase

The patient is incentivized to purchase the  customized skincare regimen with free shipping, loyalty rewards points and multi-product purchase discounts. 

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