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Outsource 100% of your online store ecommerce and fulfillment services so you can spend more time with your patients.

Our Technologies


Baumann Skin Type Quiz


The only scientific quiz used to determine the Baumann Skin Type.


Supported by multiple medical publications, this quiz is the only method  to determine a consumer's Baumann Skin Type. Shopping by Baumann Skin Type ensures consumers always purchase products that are appropriate for their unique skin type.


Intelligent Skincare Recommendation


The only patented skincare recommendation technology.

This proprietary technology has been used by more than 200 medical practices to determine their patient's skincare recommendation. The algorithm contains 40,000 combinations and takes into account product ingredients, layering and the user's Baumann Skin Type to present a personalized skincare regimen for optimal results.


Advanced Regimen Builder

The only customization process to ensure an accurate regimen.

Advanced customization technology allows customers to modify their auto-generated skincare kit by switching products with approved alternatives. Customers can choose based on criteria such as brand or price preferences - always confident the regimen will be accurate. 

How it works

- Dr. Leslie Baumann, MD - Founder & CEO


35+ Brands

We inventory, manage and fulfill your customer orders

STS+ Subscription Plans

Subscription-based ecommerce powered by Skin Type Solutions® 


  • Inventory & Fulfillment Outsource

  • Skin Type Quiz & Recommendation 

  • Standard Branding of Shop 
    Name, Logo, Bus. Profile, Find a Provider 

  • Standard Email Marketing
    Join, Quiz Results, Abandoned Cart 

  • Built-In Customer Retention
    Loyalty Rewards, Mobile App 

  • Customer Support
    Concerns, Returns, Tracking 

  • In-Office Savings Program

  • Professional Email Marketing
    Customer Nurture Campaign 

  • Upgraded Branding & Styling
    Color Scheme Match to current site

  • Customer Regimen Personalization

  • Shipping Cost
    When customer qualifies for free shipping

  • Professional Branding and Styling


$349 per month*

$99 per month

$99 per month

$49 per month

$49 per month

$7.95 per order



$499 per month*

$4.95 per order

$999 one-time fee

*$2,000 one-time onboarding fee

*10% fulfillment fee per transaction subtotal
*Approx. 15% discount applied to annual commitment paid in full
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The only patented skin typing & skincare regimen recommendation system

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